Eco Safaris at Cornwall Safari Lodge in Botswana

Eco Safaris at Cornwall Safari Lodge

Cost for local visitors:
R750 Per Day, Per Person
Included Tour Guide & all Meals

Own Inventory:

  • Own 4x4 Vehicle
  • Tyre Pressure Gauge
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Water Cantines

Tar & dirt roads (sand and mud)

Average travel time per day:
5hours or less

You will arrive at Cornwall Safari Lodge before 4pm.  Overnight and have dinner at Cornwall Safari Lodge. 
The Border at the Bray or Makopong border posts closes every day at 16h00 and reopens the next day at 08h00. .

Rusks and coffee/tea served at 07h00.
Leave for Saratoga and KD 15 concession @ 08h30. The concessions are next to the Kgalagadi Trans frontier Park with no fences adjoining. Everything is wild and roaming free. Lunch boxes are packed.. Settle in and dinner served at Saratoga.

Rusks and coffee/tea early.
08h00 : Game drive and brunch in the veld.
Return to camp and everybody has some time to him/herself.
19h00 : dinner at Saratoga

Rusks and coffee/tea early.
08h00 : Start moving on to KD 12 Concession area. This area is situated at Heinie's Pan about 20 km from the Mabuasehube gate.
Lunch boxes are packed.. Settle in and late sundowner on the game drive.
19h00: Dinner at Heinie's Pan.

Rusks and coffee/tea.
08h00: Exploring the areas, bird watching,etc.. Lunch boxes are packed per vehicle. 19h00: Dinner at Heinie's Pan.

Rusks and coffee/tea
08h00: Lunch boxes are packed and drive starts to Kd 2 (KAA) concession.
19h00: Dinner at KAA

Rusks and coffee/tea Lunch boxes.
08h00 : Explore the concession, lots of pans and game drive.
19h00 : dinner at Kaa

Rusks and coffee/tea.
08h00: Lunch boxes are packed Guided tour to Zutswa .
Everybody heads forward in his /her own direction or make additional arrangements to sleep at Cornwall Ranch.



Tips for 4x4 Trails in the Kalahari

Participants must have sufficient fuel and water on board. Rather use gas burners than wood for fires as it is safer and you will conserve the natural beauty of the Kalahari.

Remember that the water in the Kalahari is very salty so take at least 100 liters of water with. Travel as light as possible as you could leave excess baggage at the initial camp. Try not to duplicate any goods such as gas bottles, pots or cutlery. Do not roof pack any heavy goods as it could overturn the vehicle in the sand.
Try and pack all inventory evenly distributed as you travel dunes at 45 degree angles.

Remember to pack in a tyre pressure gauge, fire extinguisher, vehicle jack, wheel spanners, a shovel, motor winch and air pump. Remember to take a base plate for the jack, as there is no level ground. It is advisable to pack gauze sheet to fit to the radiator of your vehicle so that the grass does not clog the radiator fins. Please remember to practice good outdoor manners and leave the area as you found it.

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