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Accommodation at Cornwall Safaris

Cornwall Safari Lodge has been designed with an African feel, but we also have modern, Western facilities like a swimming pool and tennis court. Evenings are spend around the camp fire in the Boma or in the Thatched Recreation Area where you can enjoy in the small but cosy Duchess @ Cornwall Restaurant.

Self catering options are available for those who like to cook their own food.  We have a variety of BBQ packs and Ice available on our premises.

A visit to Cornwall Safari Lodge in Botswana is an outdoor venue never to be missed. The Ranch offers you the true African Experience with all the needed Western amenities.

Accommodation options include:

  • 6 newly built Double Rooms. 
  • 1 chalet with en-suite bathroom (Double Bed).
  • 1 Double Room with en-suite bathroom (Double Bed)
  • 1 room with two single beds (own separate bathroom). 
  • 2 x Luxury tents in the safety of the lodge property. 
  • 2 x Double Room with en-suite bathroom and aircon.
  • Camping sites for 4x4 visitors who have their own tents and equipment.

We have full laundry services available.

Due the isolated nature of the Lodge, our restaurant can only serve light meals such as toasted sandwiches, burgers and meal of the Day.













4 X 4

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